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Seven Days

The Outer Limits



Line of Fire

CSI: New York

The Federal Experience

Pamela Anderson - Vallery Irons

Molly Culver - Tasha Dexter

Shaun Baker - Quick Williams

Natalie Raitano - Nikki Franco

Leah Lail - Kay Eugenia Simmons

Dustin Nguyen - Johnny Loh

Val and the team are tasked with transporting a car north to Sacramento. Deciding she wants a little road tripping Val decides to go herself and takes a reluctant Tasha with her. This is no ordinary car; it even has a name: PRSCLA. A turquoise 1959 Thunderbird Convertible.

At the first stop on their journey a young woman seeks a lift. Now in the ordinary course of events this is not an unusual request but the client who is paying for this little trip, i.e. the owner of the car has set certain stringent stipulations regarding the use of the car. These include no hitchhikers, don't go above 36 miles an hour and don't open the glove box.

The young woman has a baby with her, or so it would seem. Val gives in and offers her a lift. It is not long before the car is being chased down the highway by heavily armed men in an SUV. The men want the hitchhiker, claiming to be licensed bounty hunters. The woman says one of the men is her ex-husband. No one is telling the truth! The truth of the matter is she is a bank robber, there is no baby it is a doll and one of the men chasing them is Frank Newsome; surprise surprise, another bank robber. Both our bank robbers were involved in a joint venture which resulted in Frank being caught and jailed.


CHiPs never looked this good.

Foiling the violent attack with only the loss of the bumper to show for it, Val and Tasha ditch the hitchhiker and continue on their way. They come across a police road block. Tim plays the officer in charge. When he asks for id Val discovers that the hitchhiker has stolen her handbag. The Highway Patrol are after Frank Newsome who has escaped from prison and is trying to hook up with our hitchhiker.

I know you have guessed, before Frank got caught he put the money in a safety deposit box and hid the key inside the baby doll . Now of course he is out and wants his money or rather his bearer bonds. Unfortunately the woman has left the doll in the car. Our bad guys go after Val and Tasha. The good guys are after them too having the check against Tasha's id having thrown up something hinky.

Ignorant of the demand for their presence, Val and Tasha stop at a garage to get the bumper repaired. You know someone should have told them that road tripping has a bad reputation. The girls pick the only garage in the entire State where fanatics are planning their next act of terrorism. Tasha starts a fight with the terrorists and lays them all out and as they take off in a humvee, Frank and his girlfriend get to the garage, see PRSCLA outside and unguarded and take off.

Choosing the only mean of transport left to them, Val and Tasha follow PRSCLA on foot. Eventually after camping out for the night they arrive at the car. Frank has ditched the car and taken off with the doll but the key is no longer in the doll, having fallen out into the car. Taking umbrage at Tasha single-handedly having, the terrorists report the assault to the police.

  During her adventures it seems that Tasha has managed to dirty her clothes. As Val is the only one with a change of clothes Tasha ends up wearing some of her clothes. Now for some reason I still find bizarre the two girls end up in a lesbian bar doing the limbo!! *the mind boggles*. Tasha, probably very sensibly at this point, gets drunk and Val limbos.

What would Tommy Lee say?


The rest of Val's team having learnt of her predicament arrive at the bar. At the same time time Frank and his goons arrive. In the crossfire Val's team finish off Frank and the gang but Val not realising that she is being rescued, takes off in PRSCLA, but the brakes fail and she crashes. The police arrive, Frank is arrested but PRSCLA is wrecked. The car is delivered, wrecked but delivered.

This episode went out for the first time on 30 October 1999 and was episode 6 of season 2.

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