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Seven Days

The Outer Limits



Line of Fire

CSI: New York

The Federal Experience



Special Agent Jethro Gibbs - Mark Harmon

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo - Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Kate Todd - Sasha Alexander

Abby Sciuto - Pauley Perrette

Dr. Donald Mallard - David McCallum

Agent Timothy McGee - Sean Murray

Petty Officer Jack D Curtin - Tim Abell


A former navy seal, convicted of murdering his wife and the cable guy, escapes from Fort Leavenworth. The seal has always protested his innocence. His son, is being looked after by his in-laws and Kate is ordered to stand watch over the little boy, in case his father tries to contact him. Blindsided by Curtin, Kate is left trussed up while a father spends precious moments with his son. Kate gets her own back by injuring Curtin whilst he is escaping from his son's bedroom. Curtin goes on the run and Jethro decides on another tack to solve the case.


PO Jack D Curtin

Gibbs orders a reinvestigation of Curtin's case and brings back the prosecution and defence attorneys to help the team go through the evidence.

A breakthrough in the case proves that Curtin was innocent all along and that his wife was having an affair. The real murderer is uncovered, but Curtin is still out there closing in on his late-wife's lover. He is finally captured in a sting operation where Kate takes the place of the 'other woman'.

This episode was called 'UnSEALed' and aired for the first time on 6th April 2004. It was episode 18 of season 1.
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