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Seven Days

The Outer Limits



Line of Fire

CSI: New York

The Federal Experience


David Caruso - Lt. Horatio Crane

Emily Procter- Calleigh Duquesne

Adam Rodriguez - Eric Delko

Khandi Alexander - Dr. Alex Woods

Sofia Milos - Det. Yelina Salas

Jonathan Togo - Ryan Wolfe

Tim Abell - Donny Slater

This was Episode 4 of Season 3, entitled 'Murder in a Flash' and was first aired on 11th October 2004.


Horatio Crane confronts Donny Slater


A group of young people (a 'flash mob') are summoned by text message to a golf course. When they disperse the body of Daniel Kleiner is found in a bunker. Tracking down the flash mob leads to Palm Crest Academy, a top notch school.

Tyre change anyone?


While checking the cell phones and PDA's of the students to find out who originated the text message, one student (Sarah Mitchell) refuses to cooperate. Sarah is hiding a meth habit and on a search of her room a bag of meth crystal is found with blood spatters on it.

You need hands.


The blood leads to Madonna Arias and her pusher. When the CSI team arrive at the pusher's hotel room they find Madonna's brother, Raoul, there. It seems Madonna is missing and her brother is looking for her.



That smile!



After Madonna's body is found her credit card is used at a gas station to buy $500.00 of fuel. The man who had used her credit card claims that he found it after it was thrown away by local meth dealer, Donny Slater.

Donny is a real hard case. Horatio visits him at his garage and after a confrontation Donny denies any involvement in the girl's death and agrees to give a swab for DNA purposes. The sample clears him of Madonna's death much to the annoyance of Crane.

DNA sample please.


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