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Countrypondcountryfish - Kate and Rae's Site containing loads of photos, screen captures and information.

Winter's Tim Abell On line Fan Club - Regular Newsletters, message board and Tim's charity auctions all live here. If you are a fan of Tim's you should be a member.

The Official Tim Abell Home Page - Now Tim's 'professional' site for use in getting work, to show potential casting directors. It is very slick and clean, with some nice photos.

IMDB - Internet Movie Database for Tim.



Meadows Soldier of Fortune, Inc & Special Ops Force - The best Soldier of Fortune Site, comprising information, message boards and the best SOF fan fic archive anywhere.

USMC Devil Dog's SOF Fansite - One of the older sites with good information and photos but not updated recently.

KcLyn's SOF Site - Good SOF Site with added extras of the owners personal Brad Johnson and Tim Abell Sites.

RiddleMeThis' SOF Site - Great SOF photos in the gallery

Harry Humphreys' Global Studies Site - The Site of the SOF technical expert.

Sparky's David Eigenberg Worship Page - Yes, even annoying 'Nick' has fans out there.

Tribute to Benny Ray - A simple but heartfelt tribute.



SOF Role Play - If you want to join other like minded folk in making up new SOF stories sign up here.

Neon Rainbow Press - The best Zine for Soldier of Fortune, includes new stories and previously published ones.

SOFFanfic - Sign up to this list to receive the latest SOF fan fic.

Soffic Adults - Sign up here for SOF fic that is adult in nature.



California Skate School - Find out all about the Skate School were Tim is a coach. Anyone wanting lessons can get details here!

Soldier of Fortune Magazine - For the real Soldiers of Fortune or just those that want to be.

Sua Sponte - The Official Site of the US Army Rangers.

WorldwideFX - This is the site for the Company that did the special effects on Special Forces.

Kung Fu Cinema - This link will take you directly to a review of the Special Forces film.

Scott Adkins Site - This link will take you to a site for one of Tim's fellow actors from Special Forces

The Gail Harris Site - Gail stars in Tim's latest film 'Curse of the Komodo'. This is her site and it has some information on the film.

Archive Site - If you go here and type Rysher into the search engine you should find some old pages from the SOF Rysher Days

Pyros FX - Where to go for the special effects for the film Curse of Komodo.

The Milan Film Festival - Keep up to date on all that is happening in Milano


Special Forces/Films/Theatre/Soldier of Fortune/Television/Internet/Biography/Links/Contact/Dish of the Day