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Seven Days

The Outer Limits



Line of Fire

CSI: New York

The Federal Experience

Detective Mac Taylor - Gary Sinise

Detective Stella Bonasera - Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Danny Messer - Carmine Giovinazzo

Detective Lindsay Monroe - Anna Bilknap

Doctor Sheldon Hawkes - Hill Harper

Detective Don Flack - Eddie Cahill

Doctor Sid Hammerback - Robert Joy

Edward Archerson - Tim Abell

Debra Archerson - Stacy Haiduk

Patrick Quinn - John Weslet Shipp

Chaz Archerson - Sean Rose

Autumn - Maitland McDonnell


When a man is found dead in his car outdside the birthday party of his sixteen year old daughter, foul play is suspected and it is not difficult to see why when the dead man's only companion in the car is a poisonous snake.

As the story is told in flashbacks, we discover the truth behind the murder and we realise that there is more than one kind of snake and not everything is what it seems to be.

Tim was reunited with some old friends for this episode. Stacy Haiduk, who plays Tim's wife in the episode, starred opposite Tim in Desert Thunder and John Wesley Shipp guest starred in the Soldier of Fortune episode, Alpha Dogs.

This was episode 10 of Season 3 and aired on 22nd November 2006. It was called "Sweet Sixteen".
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