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Paige Van Doren - Leslie Bibb

Roy Ravelle - Anson Mount

Lisa Cohen - Leslie Hope

Todd Stevens - Jeffrey D Samms

Jennifer Sampson - Julie Ann Emery

Donovan Stubbin - Brian Goodman

Amiel MacArthur - Michael Irby

Jonah Malloy - David Paymer

Scott Sorenson - Tim Abell

This was Episode 6 of Season 1, entitled 'The Best-Laid Plans' and was first aired on 6th January 2004.


A nine-year old girl, Hannah Sorenson, goes missing from her home early one morning. It turns out that single mum, Kelly, makes a regular habit of going off for coffee in the morning while her daughter is sleeping, leaving the child alone for upwards of forty five minutes. The child's father died in the World Trade Centreduring the 9/11 attacks.

Kelly has an ex-boyfriend, James Lawson, who tells the investigators that Kelly is 'needy' and 'obsessed' spending most of her time talking about her late husband. Suspicion falls on Kelly as more revelations show that she likes to be seen as a widow, but she passes the polygraph test.

Information comes in to the team that a man with a young child, matching Hannah's description have checked in to the local airport for a flight to Montreal, but never got on the flight. ID presented at the time of checking in shows the man to be Scott Sorenson, Hannah's dad and Kelly's 'late' husband.

Reaching him through his cell phone Scott is persuaded to return Hannah to her mum, but asks for five minutes with Kelly to explain. Hannah is returned safely and Scott is handcuffed but given his few minutes with Kelly. While they are talking Kelly pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. Kelly is immediately arrested.


Tim as Scott Sorenson

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