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Seven Days

The Outer Limits



Line of Fire

CSI: New York

The Federal Experience

Lt. Frank Parker - Jonathan LaPaglia

Capt. Craig Donovan - Don Franklin

Dr. Olga Vukavitch - Justina Vail

Nathan Ramsey - Nick Searcy

Dr. Bradley Talmadge - Alan Scarfe

Sgt. Higgins - Tim Abell

Yvonne Zima

Marc Vann

Douglas Robers

Michael Angarano

A man, Simon Marshall, walks into a house and kills the occupants; a wife, children and the pet dog. He then turns the gun on himself and dies at his own hand. A man, unrecognised, stands over a grave. It is Simon Marshall's grave. A group of men, dressed as soldiers but with no insignia are packing up weapons,explosives and sarin gas canisters. They are about to wreak havoc.

A group of school children from Indiana are on a trip to Los Angeles. They have a guide, Donald Roper, who takes them on the subway. Two soldiers board the train and take the 33 occupants, including the children, hostage. The soldiers including Sgt. Higgins threaten to blow the train up if the President does not speak to them in person.

The guide emerges from the subway carrying a message from the hijackers. They are all veterans, all ill with Gulf War Syndrome. They want their condition recognised and all those servicemen suffering from it recompensed. If their demands are not met they threaten to kill all the occupants of the train. The guide having delivered the message goes back and a SWAT team follow him. Gunfire is heard and then there is a massive explosion. Everyone on the train is killed.


Tim takes the school children hostage.

A backstep is organised as one of the dead people is believed to be a UN diplomat. Just as the backstep is about to take place it is cancelled as the diplomat was found alive and well. Frank is furious that the back step is cancelled and that the children are going to be allowed to die.

Frank leaves Nevernever Land and goes to Indiana. There he meets the mother of one of the children. Olga follows him, she has a plan. Unfortunately some of Ramsay's men also follow Frank and they arrest Frank, who hits Ramsay damaging his nose. Placed in solitary, Frank goes on hunger strike. In view of his behaviour the NSA decide to remove Frank from the project and he will be returned to the mental institute he came from.

Olga's plan is to create a person that the NSA will back step for and put that person on the train or rather make the NSA think he is on the train. To carry out the ploy Ramsay's help is needed. He reluctantly agrees as long as Frank apologises. Frank does.

  An itinerant who was on the train is chosen as an ideal 'suspect'. The story created for him is that he is a spook working for the other side who is wanted by the FBI. This spook is supposed to deliver a disk to a contact in LA. If he is dead the FBI can't find out what was on the disk or who his contact was. Talmadge sees through the ruse and refuses to back step.

Sgt. Higgins threatens the children.


One of the children was a talented artist. This reminds Talmadge of his granddaughter and he has a change of heart. The back step goes ahead and Frank arrives at the scene before the SWAT team go in. The rest of the team arrive and take charge of the operation. Frank replaces Roper and they assault the team killing Sgt. Higgins and his co-hijacker.

After the succesful rescue Roper offers to take the children to Santa Monica Pier. The terrorists have been identified and Frank and Olga watching television in a bar see a photograph of four men; Simon Marshall, Sgt. Higgins, his co-hijacker and Donald Roper (true name Tyler), the guide. Frank rushes off after the children and confronts Tyler. Threatening to release the sarin gas, Frank is forced to shoot Tyler and manages to catch the gas canister.

First aired on 20th October 1999, this was episode 4 of Season 2. The episode was called 'For the Children.'

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