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Hollywood's fascination with Jesse James is our good fortune as Fred Olen Ray turns his attention to the legend of one of the West's most notorious gunslingers. "American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James" puts Tim back in the saddle as he plays Jesse's older brother, Frank. Joined by some old friends, including Ted Monte (Curse of the Komodo and Raptor to name but two), Tim returns to a genre that he seems to be born to play, and enjoy!

Ted, Fred Olen Ray and Tim.

"A Metaphysical Comedy" wherein three youg actresses find their way to the 'Church of Charismatic Consciousness' on their way to Hollywood and stardom. To buy the DVD of Tim's outing in this weird and wonderful movie go to www.dreamstatemovie.com and follow the link.



There goes the hair - Tim gets ready.


When Fat Monster inc., (with whom Tim worked in making the sc fi short 02) wanted to show the powers that be that they could produce authentic war zone military action without spending mega bucks they teamed up with the quality people at GunMetal Group Pro and took off to the Blue Cloud movie ranch for two days in August 2008.

In what were described as 'brutal conditions', GunMetal provided a full contingent of 'marines' complete with weapons and equipment. GunMetal's CEO Matt Sigloch was the fight co-ordinator and Paul Staples was in charge of all the pyrotechnics. Previously used by the producers of 'Iron Man' to replicate Afghanistan, Blue Cloud was the perfect stand in for the heat and dust of modern day Iraq.

A story based on a fictitious news reporter, Mack Fogg, embedded with front line US Army forces, was developed as a pitch to Warner Bros. The short, starring Tom Sizemore, tells Mack's story; a former marine verteran of the First Iraq War returning to an arena that still held nightmares.

As interesting as this all is, why am I telling you about this project? Well, who else would you want to be in a film that proudly boasts its military authenticity? That's right! Tim gets to star alongside Sizemore and after watching what Fat Monster et al had created, Warner Bros were so impressed that it has been agreed that a new intro and conclusion will be shot and the pitch will turned into a short film.

Noted stunt co-ordinator, Bobby King, has choreographed the most stunning hand to hand knife sequence as part of the action. Watch out for that when you get the chance to see this film. Word has it that it is going to lead to bigger and better things for Fat Monster.

A still of some of the stunning effects.


LMT Rebar Cutter Flash Suppressor - and Tim, of course.




Tim has a starring role in a new sci fi short called 02. Set on a space ship deep in outer space, the film tells the story of how a group of three people overcome adversity when their space craft is hit by a meteorite.

Banner for O2


Can you spot the CGI?

The special effects for this film are very impressive, from the expansive first scene, all the way through the claustrophobic spaceship scenes. The ending has a nice twist in its tail and our man is gorgeous in outer space t-shirt and grease.

If you want to watch this great short film, then go to


The creative team contemplate



Season 2 The Federal Experience is now filming in New Mexico. To catch up with what Tim has been hunting down this time, click here. To find out when it will hit your TV screens keep checking out Versus TV.



Tim has teamed up with Thadd Turner to both star and co-produce two more films in the next twelve months.

"Buttermilk Sky" is another family drama (remember Miracle at Sage Creek) which reveals the friendship that evolves between a street smart orphan, a loner ex-rodeo rider and a whole menagerie of animals. Based on the book, A Meadow Lark Calling by Patricia Martin, this is set on the Kansas Frontier of the 1890's.

Then, from the sublime to the ridiculous, in the nicest possible way. "Taxidermist" is a schlock horror gorefest that will have you swallowing hard to keep down your popcorn as insanity takes an overnight stop at the motel of 'don't stay here if you want to live through the night'. How loud can you shout "don't go into that dark seemingly empty room". Yep the maniac with the axe is waiting for you. Will Tim live through this one? You will have to wait and see!



Written and directed by Patrick Hyde, Dream State is "a sexy, metaphysical comedy" and if that doesn't make you want to rush out and see it I don't know what will. Hold on though, this comedy film about survival in Hollywood as an actor is supposed to be released later this year, so you will have to be patient to see a 'charismatic' Tim.



Tim has been chosen by Federal Premium (the ammunition people) to showcase their new TV series "The Federal Experience". The series matches Tim, as a relative novice hunter, with some of the most experienced hunters in the US and from around the world so that he can become "the best hunter he can be". He learns all about the hunt, from top to bottom including what to do when things go wrong. From hunting quail in Georgia, to goose and waterfowl in Maryland, to wild turkey in Montana and big game in Africa, as well as South Dakota Whitetail; Tim does it all. The series started on 25th August on Versus TV and goes on until September 29th, with programmes running at 10.30 am, 11.00am and 5.30pm

For more information on scheduling go to www.versus.com and use the search facility to locate "The Federal Experience" or go to The Federal Premium site to watch the promo video.



Amazon are now selling the multi award winning Soldier of God as a Region 2 DVD for all you European fans. It has already been released in Germany and gets its UK release on 3rd September. Go, now, buy!



Tim recently filmed a pilot for a potential new comedy series for American TV directed by Terri England. "Don't Look Down" took place in a dysfunctional ballroom dance studio (a la Arthur Murray) set in Maryland and followed the antics of the resident dance teachers and their students. A cross between "The Office" and "A Chorus Line", the series took a comedic look at everything from 'Tango to pole dancing' - sounds like it was one that could have been a big hit. There is no word yet on whether the option has been picked up.

Okay now, hands up all those who remember a project Tim was involved in a few years back called Camino Flamenco? Well Patrick Swayze, the touted star of the film, may have disappeared, but the project itself has not and according to Writer and Director Daryl Lynn Matthews, it is back on course to start filming this year. The new stars are Monica Cruz and Peter Youngblood Hills, and of course Tim, who plays the hero's trusty friend and side kick, Scotty. The good news? - Apart from the fact that the film is back on track? Tim gets to dance! Well, he was supposed to be dancing in the original version - so keep everything crossed that we get a chance to see those twinkle-toes this time round! The project has been renamed Caminando and you can find out more at www.daryllynnmatthews.com . According to Daryl filming takes place in the spring and summer of 2007. Watch this hotspot!



Michael Connelly is a well-known, much-respected author, who has created his own detective, Harry Bosch. The latest outing of this hard-bitten LAPD cop is in the best selling novel, Echo Park. To help support and showcase this new book a ten minute promotional film has been made and Tim gets to play the lead role! Let's hope it leads to bigger and better things if the film rights are sold. To find out more about the author, the character, the book and watch the video go to www.michaelconnelly.com



Tim has very recently starred in an episode of CSI:New York. The third spin-off from the CSI stable had Tim playing opposite old friends Stacy Haiduk (Desert Thunder) and John Wesley Shipp (Soldier of Fortune). Episode 10 of Season 3 sees Tim as a murdered husband and father at his daughter's 16th birthday party. In a story told in flashbacks we slowly discover the dark reason behind the murder. The episode aired on 22nd November 2006 and was entitled "Sweet 16".




Tim has taken on a cameo role in a film that looks like it is going to be one of those that develops a real cult following. 'Devil Girl' is based on the comic book by Andrew Robinson and stars both 'adult' film stars and fetish models.

Jessica Graham plays Fay who is on the road to Hollywood, seeking fame and fortune. When her car breaks down along the infamous Route 66 she finds herself in the middle of a drag race. She doesn't have enough money to have her car fixed so in a desperate effort to earn enough money to continue her journey she decides to have a go at topless dancing. What happens next in the weird little town that she finds herself is the nitty gritty of the film.

Tim plays Fay's father in a cameo role.

Want to find out more? Then go to the official movie site http://www.devilgirlthemovie.com/ or try out the blog site at My Space. Have fun!

Tim in a still from Devil Girl


Tim has recently finished filming a short film for the SAG, called Creeping Charlie. It also starred Billy Bryan, Patrick St. Esprit, who was in United 93 and Ernie Mirich. The observant of you will know that name. Ernie had a part in SOF playing Margo's boyfriend in the second season episode 'Charade'. In real life Ernie is Melinda Clarke's husband!
Tim played the older brother and Ernie the younger sibling, who suffers with a compulsive disorder that involves him labelling everything; every egg in the fridge, every onion in the vegetable rack. This dysfunctional family is thrown into turmoil when the older brother, Tim, returns after a long absence to visit the father he has not seen since his mother's death. Written and directed by Sean Taylor, in his directorial debut, Creeping Charlie "explores the dark venues of a family torn apart by loss, war trauma and sibling rivalry".

Screening Card kindly supplied by Julie Kimbrell, who also supplied some of the information appearing here.

Dad, labelled by Ernie



The DVD/Video is now available to buy through Amazon.com and all other good retailers. Be aware it is only available in Region 1 format as far as I know so if you are not in the States you need a multi-region DVD player to watch it.



The old site, which never really had anything much on it, has finally been revived and although it is going to be used by Tim for work there are some good photos on it, some of which you may have seen before but some of which are new. Go check it out.




Tim is featured in the newly released book, 'Shadow Warriors' by Mir Bahmanyar. The book is a history of the US Army Rangers from their earliest incarnation to the present day and includes many first hand accounts. Interested in finding out more then go to the Osprey Publishing site and take a look and if you want you can buy a copy too.



Having forged a great working relationship with Thadd Turner and his team, Tim once again goes behind the camera in a Thadd Turner porduction. This time Tim plays Steve Utter in the cowboy film 'Hard Ride' and takes the reins as Co-Producer. The film, about legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock and his close friends in Deadwood, Dakota in 1876 reunites Tim with an old friend, Marshall Teague and starts filming in New Mexico this summer. For more information go to the Talmarc Productions site - see below.



Check out your local DVD/Video supplier - Miracle at Sage Creek (see below) is due out on May 30th 2006. The DVD is available through Amazon.com and you should know that the dvd includes as an extra the "Making of" film that Tim created. Don't miss out!

Go to http://www.talmarcproductions.com for more information and some great photos.



Tim has recently finished filming in Santa Barbara and Florida on a new film called the Tom Campbell Story, a.k.a Breathe. The film, based on a true story of three scuba divers trapped in an underwater cave has been directed by and stars Don Murray and his three sons, Chris, Sean and Mick. Tim's part meant he had to indulge himself in another favourite pastime - scuba diving. It's a tough life this acting lark!

For more details on this film go to the Tom Campbell site.



Although Soldier of God was finished some time ago the hard work is still going on. Director, David Hogan, and Producer, Mir Bahmanyar have been travelling the globe showing the film at many of the best Film Festivals. So far all their efforts have been well rewarded as Soldier of God has been picking up awards at a rate of knots. Best Feature film awards have been picked up at The Deep Ellum Film Festival in Dallas, the Berkley Film Festival in Californis and the International Digital Film Festival in Stratford upon Avon, England.



Finally Tim gets to be a cowboy! Filming at the moment at the Old Tucson Film Studios in Arizona, Tim stars with David Carradine and Billy Drago in a Talmarc production film 'Miracle at Sage Creek'. For a full synopsis of the plot go to Old West Alive! Publishing. For still photos from the film click here.



This Jim Wynorski film, made in Bucharest in 2003 had its American TV premiere on the Sci Fi channel on October 30th 2004. Reaction so far has been quite positive, especially about Tim's look in the film, comparisons with Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson) from Lord of the Rings having been made. A review will appear here soon so watch this space. Go to the film pages for my report on the film .



Tim has recently appeared on CSI:Miami in a guest starring role opposite David Caruso's Horatio Caine. The episode, called 'Murder in a Flash', was number 4 of Season 3 and aired on 11th October 2004. Tim played Donny Slater and for once he didn't get to be the bad guy. Click here for more details.



Tim has a guest starring role in the CBS action series 'NAVY:NCIS'. The episode, called 'UnSEALed' will air on CBS on Tuesday 6th April 2004 6pmET and 8pmPT. A former Navy Seal in prison for murder escapes and is out for revenge or is he?



On February 21st the Sci-Fi Channel in America is premiering "Curse of the Komodo". The film stars Tim and Ted Monte and is directed by Jim Wynorski. The TV version will be edited leaving out the Glori Anne Gilbert nude bathing scene at the waterfall and some language will be excised. Shortly after the premiere the film (unedited) will be released on dvd and video. As soon as I know where it will be on sale I will let you know.

Says Jim Wynorski, "If you like it on the Sci Fi Channel, you'll love it on DVD."


An ABC mid season replacement This series centres around a young female FBI officer (Leslie Bibb). Created by Rod Lurie, Tim has a guest starring role in episode 4. He plays a man, Scott, who fakes his own death at the World Trade Centre 9.11. "Line of Fire" aired for the first time on December 2nd 2003 so Tim's episode will be coming up really soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your finger hovered over the video record button.

Some of you may recognise Leslie Hope who plays Lisa Cohen. She played Teri Bauer in the first series of "24".

SOLDIER OF GOD (pka Horns of Hattin)

For more information go to www.soldierofgod.net

Come with me to the twelfth century, to 2nd July 1187 to be exact and the Palestine, the Holy Land. The leader of the Muslim Forces, Saladin, with over 20,000 men including 12,000 knights, attacks and takes, with relative ease the city of Tiberias. Where, I hear you ask, were the Christians while all this was going on. Well they were in something of a dilemma, which is slightly north of up shit creek without a paddle. The Christian/Frankish forces led by Guy de Lusignan of Jerusalem on his first campaign was at the Springs of Al-Quastad, near Sephoria. Guy's army consisted of similar numbers to Saladin's but crucially his forces were made up differently with only 1,200 Knight Templars and Hospitallers, 4000 light mounted sergeants, 9000 footmen and the remainder native light horsemen (turcopoles).

Saladin's capture of Tiberias caused considerable consternation. Guy received conflicting advice on how to react. Raymond, Count of Tripoli, who knew the enemy well, advised staying put and letting Saladin attack. It was his belief that Saladin would soon be under pressure to disperse his army most of whom were conscripts and who wanted to get home to the farms to bring in the harvest. One small matter that influenced Raymond's thinking was the fact that his wife was in Tiberias. Whispering in his other ear, Guy had Gerard de Ridefort, leader of the Knights Templar, who felt that they should attack at once before Saladin could consolidate his hold on Tiberias. Two diametrically opposed views and Guy had to choose between the two. Guy had his own doubts; he was wary of Raymond who spoke Arabic and enjoyed close relations with the Muslims but he also knew he had to keep Gerard sweet, for if Gerard left he would take the Templars with him and then Guy would not stand a chance against Saladin. Just as Raymond had personal issues that coloured his advice, so Gerard was similarly influenced; he hated Raymond, they were bitter enemies. Gerard felt Raymond's advice was treacherous and cowardice of the highest order.

Expediency swayed Guy's hand and the next day, 3rd July 1187, the Christian force left Sephoria and their well-watered camp with the aim of relieving Tiberias. Accompanying Guy was Raynald of Chatillion an overseas knight with a great deal of experience. Saladin sent his skirmishers to harass the Christian rearguard. The Arab horsemen were excellent archers; accurate and deadly even over long distances. This together with the normal dust and dryness of the desert air and the exhaustion brought on by marching in heavy armour meant that the rearguard, made up mainly of the Templars and the Hospitallers were soon having a very miserable time of it. The Christians pushed on and with them they carried their Holy Relic, a piece of the True Cross, discovered in 326CE by the mother of Constantine the Great. As the day started to go the Christians halted at the Spring of Turan. There was still some light left in the day and so it was decided to press on to try and reach a nearby lake. A very bad mistake!

Saladin's men mounted a critical exercise forcing the Christians to finally camp just below a geographical feature known as the Horns of Hattin. Hattin is, even today, a dry plateau with two hills to the north. Guy set up camp on the slope of one of the two hills, which jutted 100 feet into the air above them.
Unfortunately at the spot Guy chose to camp there was no water, no shelter and no pasture for the horses. The only stream had been blocked. Not content with the harassment that his forces had already inflicted on the Christians, Saladin decided to make life even more uncomfortable. Brush fires were lit and the smoke and ash drifted constantly over the Christian camp. Some of Guy's men tried to come down the slope to seek water. They were captured and beheaded. Raymond was not a happy bunny,

"Lord God. Our war is over! We are nothing but dead men and the Kingdom has come to an end."
(The Crusades, Henry Treece, The Bodley Head Ltd 1962)

By the morning of 4th July 1187 the Christians were completely surrounded by the Muslims forces. The Christians had spent the night thirsty, awake and choked with smoke. Breaking camp the Christian force started out up the slope to Hattin. Saladin attacked the rearguard. Once again the rearguard was made up of mainly Templars and it was they who bore the brunt of the attack. When the rest of the Christian army saw the Templars fall they panicked and ran further up the slope. The terrain made those that fled easy targets. The Knights alone fought well. Led by Count Raymond they charged at the oncoming Muslim forces. Saladin's men met the attack but instead of fighting back their ranks opened and the Crusaders charged through. The trap had been sprung. The ranks closed behind the Crusaders and outnumbered 10 - 1 they died.

A few hundred of the Christian Knights guarded King Guy who trembling with fear had stayed hidden in his tent with the True Cross. Their efforts proved fruitless, the knights and the tent were swept away. Saladin captured the Holy Relic and the battle was over.

In amongst the luckless knights was one, Rene a Frenchman and Templar. In the thick of the fighting Rene is struck from behind and falls senseless to the ground, the bodies of his fallen comrades covering his own. Thus starts Tim's new film, Soldier of God.

Meanwhile the surviving knights and soldiers are rounded up and taken to Saladin's camp. The main force was sold into slavery. All the Templars and Hospitallers were beheaded apart from Gerard, Raynald, Guy and a few others. In a display of cruelty Saladin gave the job of beheading the knights to a group of Shi'ite mystics. Inexperienced at the task some knights were struck eight times before they died. Each knight died with humility and in dignified silence. The high-ranking survivors were taken to Saladin's tent. Saladin spared them all offering them instead for exhorbitant ransoms. King Guy and Raynald being of the highest rank were offered a drink by the Arab leader. Guy gratefully drank but Raynald refused and insulted the Islamic prophet Mahomet. Incensed, Saladin cut off Raynald's arm and another soldier beheaded him where he stood. Guy was imprisoned, only to be released the following year, a broken man.

Saladin Marched on taking Acre, Toron, Jaffa, Tyre, Sidon, Beirut, Jebail and Ascalon. The next stop was Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Our hero was not amongst those captured or killed and it was not until brigands descended onto the aftermath of the battlefield to loot bodies that Rene and one other were discovered alive but unconscious. The two men were dragged off to be sold as slaves. Following a fight Rene escapes into the desert. The other surviving knight is killed and Rene finds himself alone, lost and without provisions. He struggles to survive until a Shi'ite, Hussain, finds him. Unbeknownst to Rene, Hussain is an assassin who has been sent to kill Saladin. An unholy alliance has been forged between the Pope and the Shi'ite Muslims to remove Saladin who they both consider a threat to their respective interests. They find that they hate Saladin more than they hate each other. Hussain gives Rene dates and water and leaves him.

Later in an ironic twist Sunni soldiers hunting the assassin ambush Hussain. Hussain beats off his attackers but is wounded in the process. Rene, attempting to find his way out of the desert to Jerusalem, comes across Hussain. The two agree to team up; Hussain knows the way out of the desert but cannot manage on his own and Rene can help him but does not know the way out.

On their journey they come to an oasis and find there a Jewish woman and her son. The woman, who had been a slave but had married her Sunni owner and borne him children, was now considered a Sunni. When her husband died, according to Sunni tradition his brother offered to marry the widow. She declined his offer of marriage but accepts his help, as she is a single mother. The mismatched group make it to Jerusalem and to the widow's home. Along the way Rene has lustful thoughts about the young woman, which is totally against his code of ethics as a Templar. The widow's brother in law brings food to her house and discovers Rene and Hussain there. He is suspicious of the two men but as tradition demands that he cannot accuse guests in the house, he goes away.

The brother in law is a Sunni too of course and although suspicious he believes the assassin that is being hunted is dead so he is prepared to let things lie. However the more the brother in law thinks about it the more suspicious he gets. He decides to go back to the widow's house and in the process a fight ensues. Rene loses all control; he is consumed by blood lust. By the time Rene has been brought back under control there is blood and bodies everywhere. The brother in law and his Sunni friends are dead and Hussain is injured. Worse still the woman is also dead and all have been killed by Rene. Horrified Rene goes off alone and chastises himself. Hussain abandons his purpose and taking the child who is now an orphan he goes back to his own tribe in the mountains. Rene, complete with hair shirt to remind him of his sin, goes back to the Templars who have arrived in Jerusalem.

The film ends there. That is no ending I hear you cry, where is Justice? Where is the closure? Life can be harsh and unpleasant and along the way we all commit 'crimes' that stain our souls and burden our existence. Every cripple has to find his own way of walking and if we do stagger onward then perhaps that is some sort of closure or just another door opening on a brave new world.

The film is still being made and will not be finished for some while. If I get anymore information on when filming will finish then I will pass it on.

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