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Special Forces


Curse of the Komodo

Soldier of God

We Were Soldiers


Marshall Teague - Don Harding
Tim Abell - Jess
Troy Mittleider - Wyatt
Daniel Lee Clark - Bear
Scott Adkins - Talbot
Terence Rotolo - Reyes
Daniella Deutscher- Wendy Teller
Eli Danker - Hasib
Rimante Valiukaite - Saira
Vladislavas Jacukevicius - Zaman



A young American woman, Wendy, is wandering around Muldonia, a former Soviet Republic, with her reporter boyfriend when he is killed and she is captured following an incident of ethnic cleansing. Hasib Rafendek, a notorious Bosnian war criminal has found refuge and opportunity in the hotbed of hatred towards both Russia and the West that is Muldonia. Against orders Rafendek tapes the girl reading a prepared statement and sends it to the Americans who immediately launch a rescue with Special Forces led by our hero, Don and his band of trusty soldiers.

The leader of our merry band of rescuers, Major Don Harding has crossed paths with Rafendek before and as a result he was left with scars marking where Rafendek had plunged daggers into Don's palms during torture. Nevertheless the team go in and attempt to rescue Wendy.

On arrival contact is made with a local woman, Saira who passes on essential information. A young boy overseeing Don's team ands Saira reports them to Rafendek who goes in and callously shoots Saira in the back whilst the team are out reconnaisance. Witnessing the murder the team are incensed but have troubles of their own. Now exposed and being hunted they still have to carry out their mission.

Marshall, Rimante and Tim

Tim contemplates the rest of the film

Help comes from an unexpected source. Previously two SAS Officers had been in country and one had been captured and killed. Now the remaining Brit was out for revenge and nothing was going to get in his way, not even a team of American Special Forces. So having rescued our heroes, Talbot rides off on his motorbike seeking out his own mission.

Effecting a rescue of Wendy, the team move out to await collection by their helicopter only to see the chopper destroyed in front of their eyes. In the ensuing gun battle three of the team are killed and the remaining two and Wendy are taken prisoner.

Once more Talbot comes to the rescue setting up the finale which allows, Don to kick the butt of Rafendek whilst Talbot takes part in a prolonged and exhausting display of kick boxing, eventually polishing off Rafendek's evil and demented side kick.

So is this worth watching? Erm... if you are a fan of Tim or any of the other actors who take part probably. If you want a deep amd meaningful film then don't look here. If you want escapism then this will be a little too gung ho unless you are American. Be warned the ending is a little too much for this viewer and those of a sensitive disposition may need a sick bag handy (no offence intended).

Troy, Daniel, Daniella, Tim, Terence and Marshall.

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