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Curse of the Komodo

Soldier of God

We Were Soldiers


Bill Monroe (Gargoyle) - Nathan

Tim Abell - Jack

Paul Logan - Drake

Ted Monte (Raptor, Hybrid and Attack of the 60' Centrefold) - Hanson

Gail Harris (Masseuse) - Dawn Porter

George Flower - Money Changer

Glori-Anne Gilbert - Rebecca

Director - Jay Andrews (Raptor and Desert Thunder)

Writer - Steve Latshaw (Active Stealth)


Clever girl?

To get the latest info on the special effects on this film and lots of great photos go to:

Scientists create a spawn of genetically engineered giant komodo dragons to flush out the enemy in jungle terrain. The lizards get out of control and spread through the area killing and feeding off everything in site. A team is brought in to destroy the giant creatures.

Right: Tim and Gail, old friends

Ted slimed

Gail Harris plays Dawn Porter, a research scientist, who ends up saving the world. The head Research Scientist who has produced the growth serum that creates the deadly mutations is Nathan, played by Bill Monroe. His daughter Rebecca, played by Glori-Anne Gilbert, is another Research Scientist but she seems more interested in having a good time than any scientific pursuit.

Tim plays Jack, the hero who comes to the rescue of the group and apparently survives until the end of the film but Ted Monte who plays Hanson, Head of Island Security is not so lucky I am afraid and bites the dust, failing to make it to the end. We have yet to see but that may prove to be a blessing in disguise. Paul Logan plays Drake but I have no information on his part.

Rumour has it that the opening scene, possibly shot on Kauai, Hawaii involves Gail busy testing water samples at the base of a 500' semi circular waterfall. Rebecca allegedly goes for a swim and the mutated Komodo Dragons are watching from the undergrowth. Stop laughing!

Ted unslimed

Last I heard Director Jay Andrews was planning to take the film to the Milan Film Festival to obtain additional buyers for distribution in the States. The Festival starts 30th October and goes on until November 8th. I hope that means that this will get a big screen release. To check out what is happening at the Film Festival go to
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