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Guest Stars:

Dennis Rodman - Deacon 'Deke' Reynolds

Ronnie Farer - Job applicant showing initiative

Gene Canfield -

Mark Walker -

Directed by - Peter Bloomfield

First shown - 26 September 1998

Storyline - With CJ and Chance 'retired' to Hawaii, Matt, Margo and Benny Ray attend the funeral of Colonel Earl 'Swanee' Swanson. The service is interrupted by a 6' 6" pierced, dyed-hair, black man. When the same man jeopardises their lives during a retrieval job for Trout, the team want answers, not least of which is "Who the hell was that?".



Scenes worth your attention:

Commonly referred to as the "NYPD Blue" scene, I like to call it the "Homicide" scene. Coming relatively early in the episode Margo, dressed as a uniformed Police Officer (which has to fulfill at least one male fantasy), takes a handcuffed Benny Ray in a dirty sweaty vest (which certainly fulfills several female fantasies) into the Station House so that she and Benny Ray can gain access to the evidence lock up and clear the alarm system to allow Matt entrance through a window off the car park. Getting in, the two head to the second floor down only to be interrupted by the Desk Sergeant. The split screen technique used for the next few minutes was a real favourite of mine but seemed to fall out of favour as the series progressed.


(Screen grab courtesy of Kate. Not to be reproduced without her permission)

Great Unanswered Questions: No. 1

What does Benny Ray whisper to Margo in the corridor as he replaces her handcuffs?


The "Stand Off" scene between Matt and Deke was not a favourite of mine but those of you who like forearms may find something in it of interest. It echoes another stand off in a later episode which was much more intense.


Humour was a much more prevalent feature of Season Two and you can see early signs of it here in the "Tribute to the Pigeons of Venice Beach" scene where Benny Ray takes out a surveillance camera as the team approach Teague's ranch.


As far as I am concerned Season Two really missed out on an opportunity to explore a relationship between Margo and Benny Ray and the ramifications of that on team dynamics, especially for Matt. However it got off to a promising start with the "Righteously Kick Ass" scene at a restaurant between the Margo and Benny Ray. Is that a softer side to Benny Ray I see?




Worthy Lines:

In isloation these will mean little but taken in context, I think, they are all little gems.

"That's Lieutenant Bozo to you." - Deke to Benny Ray


"Lieutenant Bozo"


"Thank you Sir, may I have another?" - Benny Ray to the Desk Sergeant.

"Top of my class map reading." - Benny Ray to Matt and Margo.

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