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There never was a Season Three for Soldier of Fortune, but what if there had been? What would it have looked like? Would Rodman have survived to star in it? These and other questions can't be answered but how about some interesting suggestions about what might have been?

The following storylines come from LFZ Magazine which is an SOF Newsletter/Letterzine, via Frances in New Zealand. Thanks to her for passing them on.

These are the fans ideas but what did the professionals think? Want to find out? Then check out what John F Mullins and Mark Scharf wanted to do with SOF Season Three


Executive Decision

While visiting the troops along the DMZ in Korea, a top US official is kidnapped by a renegade North Korean general who wants to prompt a war with the US. Taken to a hostile third nation, the team has to be sent to rescue the official before a war becomes unavoidable.


Mistaken Identity

In an effort to flush out a terrorist group, Benny Ray goes undercover as a professional killer. But when an accidental head trauma leaves Riddle believing that he is really a hitman, the team find themselves in a race against time to stop their friend before his alter-ego can carry out a deadly contract: the assassination of the US President.


Melinda Clarke as

"Margo Vincent"

Mark Shepherd as

Christopher 'C J' Yates


Personal Errand

When an attempt is made on the life of Benny Ray's former Marine Corps shooting instructor, the SOF sniper rushes to his mentor's aid.


Debts and Duty

Another attempt on Trout's life forces Matt to ask Chance and CJ to return from Hawaii. When Trout then disappears, the team rushes to find him before it's too late.


A group of DEA agents in Colombia are kidnapped by drug lords, who want to use them to force the government to release their leader from prison. The team is sent in to get them out.

Tim Abell as

Benny Ray Riddle

Coming Home

Chance and CJ have been gone for a year, but now they're back and trying to pick up where they left off. Can they reintergrate back into the team, and can they do it in time to stop a threat to Trout's life.

Sins of the Father

Matt is kidnapped and held by the Chinese, who want his father in trade. The team searches to find him before it's too late.

Dark of Winter

Tom Winter is back and looking for the people who ruined his career, but in order to find them he has to turn to the one man who can't hide - Xavier Trout.

Against the Clock

In a coordinated effort, the CEOs of four of the largest corporations, along with their families, are kidnapped and taken to an island stronghold. The team is sent in to get them out after the kidnapping becomes public.

Real Andrews as

Jason 'Chance' Walker

A Matter of Honour

When the team steps in to make a last minute exchange at Trout's request, they find themselves taken by surprise and the item stolen. With their pride stung, they swing into action to recover the 'property' and set things right.

Death Race

As US/Chinese relations continue to detoriate, a renegade faction from the People's Army decides to launch the first strike. Their target: Hawaii. Their weapon: a small nuclear bomb, hidden somewhere on the Big Island. Their demand: give up our support of Taiwan and turn over the Hawaiian islands to China. The team is dispatched to find the bomb before the deadline.

Survival of the Fittest

A group of archeologists and their students, including a politician's son, disappear in the South American jungles. The team is sent in to find them and stumble across a well-organized, dangerous smuggling operation that might be more than they can handle.

Brad Johnson as

Matt Shepard

In Too Deep

Margo and Chance have to infiltrate a terrorist training camp in order to find the mastermind behind a planned attack against American servicemen. Once they find the target, it's up to Matt, Benny Ray and CJ to stop a tragedy.

People Like That

Some fanatic takes the Middle East statement about homosexuals being a population prone to AIDS as an edict to kill every homosexual in the country, especially those in high positions. He names names, and one is a sheik's son, doing some important diplomatic work in another country other than his own. This is one of those times when no one talks about the reality because the sheik or his son can kill you with a word, but everyone in the man's country of origin knows about it. The team has to protect the young man and his lover, and in the process, flush out the fanatic and capture or kill him. The only problem, one member of the team has a problem with gays.


The team is sent in to rescue the wives of several diplomats and power-brokers who are meeting in secret to discuss plans to further peace in Africa and the Middle East.

David Eigenberg as

Nick Delvecchio


When a new bio-weapon is stolen from a university lab, something goes terribly wrong. One of the terrorists has been infected by the weapon and he's loose on the campus. The team must find and contain the thief before he becomes infectious and spreads the deadly disease.


Margo's brother discovers a historical manuscript that was thought lost. The discovery triggers a series of events that threaten global political stability. When John disappears, the team sets out to find him.

In Too Deep (2)

Frank Donovan, an old friend of Margo's, asks for their help, when his team gets in over their heads while running a sting on an international terrorist who has taken up with some well trained, home grown terrorists.

Dish Served Cold

A former CIA operator, and Margo's old mentor, comes to the team, asking for their help. He is being blackmailed by ex-Chief of Operations, August, who wants revenge on Drummer, Trout and the team who ruined his career.
The operator agreed to take on the assignment, but then he learns that Margo is one of those he's hired a hitman to kill, and he has a change of heart. It's a race now to see who finds who first.

Denis Rodman as

Deacon 'Deke' Reynolds

Colour Lines

Margo and Chance impersonate a biracial married couple who deal in supplying illegal arms to third world countries. The real couple escapes custody, and the husband is killed. The wife goes after Chance and Margo, the people she holds responsible.

Blood Ties

A hostage situation in GB turns personal when the group specifically requests the SOF team to act as their go-between. When one of the captives turns out to be CJ's father, things get even more complicated.



The members of Rico's old SEAL team are killed in a plane crash and he sets out to determine why. The team must find him before Rico too is killed.

In Plain Sight

Trout disappears again as the team tries to find the leak that could, one day, cost them their lives.


Several of the Soviet Union's nukes end up on the market and in the hands of terrorists. The team is sent in to get them back.

End of Innocence

The team is in NYC after the end of a job. On the morning of Sept 11, Chance takes CJ to the WTC, when he finds out the Brit has never been there. Where are they exactly when the planes hit, and later, when the buildings collapse?

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