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We OPEN with an exterior shot of MATT SHEPARD'S bar (and SOF HQ) as we hear the voice of XAVIER TROUT wrapping up a briefing:

"... so, you see there's really no pressing business at this point in time. And since the holidays are upon us, I think this is a good opportunity for everyone to take some well-deserved R&R."

We CUT to the interior where all of the members of the team are gathered listening to TROUT. TROUT finishes by telling everyone that he doesn't know what they are going to do, but he's going to a big family thanksgiving gathering. NICK says he will also head off to be with family. DEKE says he's off to Las Vegas to play.

BENNY RAY tells everyone he is going to take this opportunity to go back home to his family's farm and see his Momma and sister and have a good old fashioned down home Thanksgiving. BENNY RAY asks MARGO what she's going to do. MARGO says she really hasn't thought about it -- she really has no place she can go. MATT, hoping to invite her to join him, tells her she shouldn't be alone on a holiday but BENNY RAY jumps in with an invitation to join him before MATT can say anything else. BENNY RAY tells her he's going to have a good old fashioned turkey shoot and she might find it's a lot of fun. MARGO accepts BENNY RAY's invitation and they make arrangements for BENNY RAY to pick her up in a little while.

After MARGO is gone, MATT asks BENNY RAY if he thinks it's a good idea to take MARGO along -- after all they don't really get along with each other. BENNY RAY tells MATT that's one of the reasons he asked MARGO; he thinks it's time they built a better relationship -- "it'll be good for the team". BENNY RAY asks MATT "You don't have any objections, do you?" MATT thinks hard as he and BENNY RAY lock eyes, the tension barely camouflaged behind their thin smiles, but says no. MATT tells BENNY RAY to take care of MARGO. BENNY RAY says he will and asks MATT what he's going to do. MATT replies he will do something.

CUT to MARGO and BENNY RAY on the road back down south. Southern rock plays loudly as a MONTAGE of southern road signs and roadside scenes flash by MARGO's face.

CUT to BENNY RAY and MARGO pulling into the parking lot of a roadhouse late at night; BENNY RAY is driving and MARGO is asleep. The parking lot is filled with pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

BENNY RAY wakes MARGO up, "We're here." MARGO looks around, "We're where?" BENNY RAY tells her she'll see and they get out of their vehicle and enter. They are looked over well by the customers, some rather rough looking, as they make their way to the bar.

Matt and Margo?

BENNY RAY and MARGO sit at the bar. Margo asks, "Where did you say we are?" BENNY RAY points to a photo behind the woman bartender and tells MARGO that they're "home." MARGO looks at the photo and it's a portrait shot of BENNY RAY in his Marine Corps dress blues. BENNY RAY beckons the bartender over and introduces her to MARGO as his sister "BONNIE RAE."

"Bonnie Rae?"

"Yep. That's Rae spelled with an "e." See our Daddy's name was Ray and he named all his kids after himself."

As the three talk, a couple of nastier looking characters in the place make their way over to the bar and sidle up against MARGO and crudely proposition her. BONNIE tells them to get lost, but they persist. One of them puts his hands on MARGO and BENNY RAY stands up to intervene but before he can, MARGO knocks the guy to the floor. The second guy makes his move and BENNY RAY takes him out breaking some furniture in the process.

One of the bad guys pulls out a Bowie knife but before he can use it the local SHERIFF appears, pulls out his pistol enters and tells him to drop it. The bad guy complies and the SHERIFF tells him to get out. The bad guy helps his friend up off the floor and they exit, glaring at MARGO and BENNY RAY.

The SHERIFF then confronts MARGO and BENNY RAY in his best southern redneck lawman imitation telling them he doesn't "cotton to any outside trouble makers." BONNIE RAE tells the SHERIFF to shut up the hell up and sit down and the SHERIFF's face breaks out in a large grin. The SHERIFF kisses BONNIE RAE then hugs BENNY. BENNY and the SHERIFF have known each other forever and the SHERIFF is dating BONNIE RAE.

The SHERIFF asks BENNY what he's been up to; he heard BENNY left the Corps. BENNY tells him he's doing private security work now for lots more money -- "You know all them rich Hollywood types get real skittish about everything." MARGO is introduced as a friend. BONNIE inquires, "Is that all?" BENNY responds, "Isn't that enough?" The SHERIFF tells them he'll see them all at Thanksgiving dinner at the Riddle place. BENNY tells MARGO they should probably get on out to the house because he's got to get up early to get the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. MARGO tells BENNY she can't quite see him shopping for groceries. BENNY tells her he's not going shopping -- he's going hunting. BENNY tells MARGO she's welcome to come, but MARGO says that she'd rather sleep in if nobody minds. BENNY tells her nobody would mind at all and that she should make herself at home.

CUT to the RIDDLE FAMILY FARM. Under music a series of shots dissolving into another unfold of BENNY and MARGO knocking on the door and being welcomed in by BENNY and BONNIE's mother, then the three talking in the kitchen, then MARGO looking at RIDDLE family pictures (including the young BENNY RAY) and finally BENNY RAY carrying MARGO's things up to a bedroom and MARGO in a big four-poster bed as she pulls a quilt up to her chin and falls asleep.

CUT to early daylight on the RIDDLE family farm. MARGO rubs the sleep from her eyes and makes her way downstairs to the kitchen. BENNY's Mom is cooking and pours MARGO a cup of coffee. BONNIE is still asleep as she works very late. MARGO asks after BENNY, and BENNY's Mom tells her that he left way before daylight to go hunting.

CUT to the woods. BENNY RAY is hunting a turkey with a compound hunting bow. HE makes his way through the woods silently, moving like an Indian. His face is radiant -- he is in his element and supremely happy. He sights a turkey and lets an arrow fly. As he approaches the downed bird, he hears voices. He creeps forward and finds a vantage point from which he observes the SHERIFF with a shotgun in his arms as the two rednecks that had bothered MARGO the night before do business with two guys in suits. The rednecks are handed a suitcase, which is opened to reveal a lot of cash. The suits then drive away and then so does the SHERIFF.

CUT to CLOSE UP of BENNY Ray's face. He sure didn't need to see that.

CUT to the RIDDLE farm where BENNY RAY is cleaning the turkey. BONNIE RAE approaches to see how it's going and BENNY RAY tells her what he's seen. BONNIE RAE reacts angrily denying anything bad was going on -- BENNY RAY must be misinterpreting what he saw. She leaves him a huff as MARGO approaches. MARGO asks what's up and BENNY RAY tells her what he thinks and that BONNIE RAE won't believe him.

CUT to BONNIE RAE at the Sheriff's place -- she snoops and finds evidence that BENNY RAY is right (lots of money). She confronts the SHERIFF who denies all and tries to explain but BONNIE leaves in a huff.

CUT to the SHERIFF meeting with the rednecks -- "We've got a problem. But I don't want her hurt unless there's no other way..."

CUT to the rednecks kidnapping BONNIE RAE after closing time.

CUT to the SHERIFF arriving at the Riddle place. MOM has called when Bonnie didn't come home. The SHERIFF tells them all that he's on the case. BENNY says nothing in front of his Mom -- he can't confront the SHERIFF now, he's got to get BONNIE back first safely.

BENNY's going to take action now. MARGO offers to help. BENNY RAY tells her she doesn't need to get mixed up in this, but MARGO says they're on the same team, "we can handle this -- just the two of us." MARGO asks BENNY RAY where would his old buddy the SHERIFF have some kind of a getaway or hideout -- maybe a hunting cabin, something like that? BENNY RAY says, "Yes, as a matter of fact." MARGO says they'll need some arms -- she didn't bring any special gear with her. BENNY tells her they have everything they need right there.

Margo and Benny Ray?

Please do not reproduce without permission.

CUT to BENNY RAY giving MARGO his Dad's old shotgun, and BENNY taking a scope, binoculars, hunting rifle and his compound hunting bow. They head off to rescue BONNIE.

CUT to BONNIE held captive by the two rednecks in an old hunting cabin. The two rednecks are drinking and doing some of the drugs that they work at dividing into smaller parcels for sale. BONNIE is blindfolded and tied up.

CUT to BENNY RAY and MARGO approaching the cabin. They observe the SHERIFF arriving and being greeted by the two rednecks. MARGO and BENNY move into position.

CUT to the SHERIFF trying to talk to BONNIE. He tries to convince her that what he's doing isn't really so bad. It's a business opportunity for him to make some money and keep an eye on a drug trade that's going to be there whether he's involved or not. So, doesn't it make better sense for him to keep some measure of control. Can't she see it his way. BONNIE cannot and the SHERIFF realizes that something more drastic will have to be done to solve his problem with her.

CUT to MARGO approaching the Sheriff's police car. She picks a door lock and slides inside. SHE switches on the police siren and lights and then slips out.

CUT to inside the cabin where the rednecks and the SHERIFF are startled by the commotion. The SHERIFF draws his gun, tells one redneck to stay with Bonnie and the other to come with him.

Cut to EXT. as the SHERIFF is followed outside by one of the rednecks with guns drawn. The siren screams distracting them and covering any sound of MARGO finding cover around the side of the cabin. They quickly check out the area without seeing anyone, and the SHERIFF approaches his car to switch off the siren.

The SHERIFF discovers that the doors are locked. BENNY RAY nails the redneck behind him with an arrow. The SHERIFF doesn't notice this as he is intent on opening the car and turning the siren off.

MARGO sneaks up to the side of the car and waits as the SHERIFF switches off the siren. The SHERIFF gets back out of the car and at the moment he sees the redneck down on the ground, Margo pops up behind him and puts her gun to the back of his head. She tells him to drop his gun and call his friend out. SHE tells the SHERIFF she will shoot him if he doesn't do exactly as she says and she kneels back down beside the car.

The SHERIFF calls out for the other redneck who peers out the window. He senses something is wrong when he talks to the SHERIFF and the SHERIFF won't move and doesn't seem to know where his friend is. HE puts a gun to BONNIE's head and uses her as a shield as he comes out of the cabin. The SHERIFF asks him to put his gun down, which he refuses to do. The redneck sees his dead friend and becomes truly rattled -- screaming at the SHERIFF asking what the hell is going on. The SHERIFF explains he has a gun at his back and the redneck screams that whoever it is should show themselves or he will shoot BONNIE right now. Margo shows herself, but does not lower her gun.

Up in the woods, BENNY RAY draws his bow and aims at the redneck holding a gun to his sister's head. He let it fly and the redneck drops. BENNY RAY comes down into the clearing and unties his sister before grabbing the SHERIFF. BENNY RAY is stopped from doing serious bodily harm to the SHERIFF by MARGO and BONNIE.

CUT to Thanksgiving dinner at the Riddle Farm -- BENNY RAY, BONNIE RAE, MOM and MARGO dig in. MOM tells MARGO what a pleasure it is to have her there. BONNIE RAE agrees then BENNY RAY tells MARGO how glad he is that she's there. "It wouldn't have been a real Thanksgiving without you."

CUT to CU as MARGO and BENNY RAY look at each other as if for the first time as the music comes up and the credits roll.

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